As a filmmaker and storyteller with 20+ years experience, and as the founder of Aviator Camera Gear, I’m asked the same general gear questions over and over. I’m always happy to help. With most of this information available around the web, I wondered why so many smart and talented people still hadn’t come across this material.

The internet is overflowing with information, too much information, and I realized that beginners and even working filmmakers don’t have a simple, clear, unified source to quickly obtain a general overview of why they would use one type of gear or another for a specific situation. You know, the kind of information you could get by asking a buddy who’s been in the business a long time. Most people don’t know that kind of person. That’s why we produced the Gear Dictionary.

These are not gear review videos, but rather gear defining/explanation videos, educational videos where I take one category of gear per episode like “Cine Lenses” and explain what the different types are used for and why/when you would likely want to use one type over another – like why a 25mm vs an 85mm in one situation and the reverse in another. The advantages of Cine Lenses vs. photo lenses for movie making, etc.

The first season’s six episodes:

Cine Lenses
4×6 Filters
Light Modifiers

If people like the show, maybe we’ll make some more.

Hopefully the Gear Dictionary will help filmmakers worry less about gear so they can get out there and tell their story. After all, that’s what the gear is made to do.